About Migrant Stories

The Migrant Stories is a platform for newcomers to Canada to share their journeys, experiences while celebrating the success stories. This platform was created as a strategy of promoting migrant stories while responding to the challenges and opportunities newcomers encounter at both individual and systemic levels in Canada. We hope that with these stories, people are able to embrace each new and unique story and acquire a better understanding of the newcomers in their own communities.


To share stories of 'Immigrants in Canada' and the 'Children of Migrant Parents' in order to strengthen our compassion, respect, and understanding of people's journeys and experiences while reducing isolation by creating connections in our communities. This, in the end, will help us recognize and value the diverse experience of immigrants to Canada, the children of migrant parents, and and the role they play in the Canadian Society.

We want to hear your stories! Contact Migrant Stories at info@migrantstories.ca to set up an appointment.

Proudly Canadian, Migrant Stories is a Brainchild of Traverse Canada.